The Suzuki Q Chord

The Suzuki Q Chord
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  • Item #: QC-1
  • Manufacturer: Suzuki
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Easy to play. Any age - anyone from very young to very mature! ? Anyone can play - whatever his or her level of playing skill. ? Composition -the ideal composing instrument. ? Teaching - an excellent educational instrument. ? Therapy - now used in specialist Therapy Centres. ? Reduce stress - great for reducing stress levels for everyone! ? Suitable for many outlets/groups -Churches, Playgroups, retirement centres etc. ? Ideal for all the family to use. ? A good alternative (to guitar or keyboard) for the club performer! Comes with power chord. Call for price of case and instructional DVD.


-Range: 4 octaves

-General MIDI voices: 109

-Chord: 36 soft-touch buttons, 84 chord combinations (major, minor, 7th)

-Buttons: major 7th, minor 7th, augmented, and diminished

-Rhythm: rock, country, dance, lounge, new age, waltz, ballad, march, boss nova, and blues shuffle (additional rhythm styles available on the optional rhythm style cartridges)