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What are Student Trumpets and Intermediate Trumpets?


Student trumpets are machine made and intended to be highly economical and long-lasting. In most cases, a student horn is a perfect choice for the initial 2 or 3 years. They perform very well but lack some of the higher-end features and construction seen in intermediate and professional models. As well they normally are crafted with a two-piece bell instead of a one-piece.


Intermediate trumpets come in two basic types and are an ideal choice for those looking for an upgrade after the first couple of years. The first type is a student horn with additional features to improve sturdiness and tuning like 1st valve slide/thumb hook, deluxe cases, silver plating and adjustable 3rd valve slide stops. A second choice is intermediate horns which are comparable to professional ones but manufactured in a less expensive manner that could impact resonance, aesthetics and intonation.


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