Music Books for School

Will my child need a book for school?

In music, a method is a kind of textbook for a specified musical instrument or a selected problem of playing a certain instrument. A method book usually contains fingering charts or tablatures, scales and numerous different exercises, sometimes also simple etudes, in different keys, in ascending order as to difficulty. It will also focus on isolated aspects like fluency, rhythm, dynamics, and articulation. Sometimes there are even recital pieces, also with accompaniment. Such methods differ from etude books in that they are meant as a linear course for a student to follow, with consistent guidance, whereas volumes of etudes are not as comprehensive.

As typical instrumental methods are meant to function as textbooks supporting an instrumental teacher (rather than to facilitate self-teaching), usually no basic or special playing techniques are covered in any depth. Detailed instructions in this respect are only found in special, autodidactical methods. Some methods are especially tailored for students on certain skill levels or stages of psychosocial development. In contrast, a 'complete' method (sometimes in multiple volumes) is meant to accompany the student until he or she becomes an advanced player.

There are many Method Books on the market and you must be sure you the exact book your teacher is going to use. A popular one is the Essential Elements series but the Standard of Excellence and the Accent on Achievement methods have also been used by teachers in the past. Check to make sure you know what book you need


    If you did not see the book you need, give us a call or send us an email. In most cases we could get it the same day or the next. The distributor is a local company so any book is right around the corner.