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Let me first say thank you to all those that have allowed us to serve them in their quest for musical instruments and musical products. When I started the company in 2006, I was teaching Elementary Music at a local public school on the south side. I would teach during the day and head on to the shop after school to run the shop until 7pm. We started in a small 400 square foot showroom without a telephone or a logo or business plan. What did I know about opening or running a business? Nothing. All I knew was how to teach and how to work with kids and families in a school setting.

I had been playing a musical instrument since I was 4. I started on the guitar at 4 and played the alto saxophone, piano, and drums all before the age of ten. My sister plays the clarinet, my dad plays the trumpet and my mom plays the piano and the xylophone. Music was in us and it had always been there for us no matter what the issue may be;both good and bad. My desire was to share this gift to as many people as we could reach. I was already sharing music in the school system, so why not at a store, helping families with their musical instrument needs.

Our first sale was a flute to a family that needed it for their daughter. I was a nervous wreck, worried and hoping that the student liked it and that there were no problems. We slowly began to sell more items but it was not reaching the numbers I wanted until one day we got a call. It was august of 2008 and a gentleman called to see if we rent instruments because his child needed one for school. This was foriegn to me since I was not familiar with "the renting of instruments". I asked if he could explain a little further. He told me that he does not want to buy but would rather rent an instrument. I politly told him that we currently do not rent but that his call peaked my interest and I will be looking into it. Today, the rental business is a vital part to our business. It allows us to assist many families as they prepare to start their musical journey.

I have no way of thanking that caller from 2008, but if I could see him or know who he is, I would tell him "thank you" for letting me see another way of service to our community that I did not see before. I want to thank the clients that have come into our doors and allowed us to assist them with their needs. I also want to thank the music directors who gave us a chance and letting us serve their families with their music classes. It is an honor that we do not take lightly.

We do our very best to provide the best service we can. We may make mistakes, but we try to correct any issues that come about so that all involved feels good about the outcome. This has always been our goal. We understand that helping your child or student can be stressful. Our job is to make it as easy as possible.


Caleb Gonzalez



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